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  • M. Chamakh(57')
Crystal Palace 1-0 Swansea City: Chamakh secures top 10 finish for Pardew's Eagles‏
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Swansea end with a loss but Garry Monk has done some aboslutely superb work and the club have had a historic season in their own right - they, too, willi celebrate their year and probably won't worry much about this defeat at all! Thank you for joining us here!
And that's the match! Crystal Palace end their very good season with a win at home thanks to a goal from Chamakh, which was only his second of the campaign. Alan Pardew and his men have much to celebrate!
90 + 2'

Brede Hangeland 

90 + 2'
Into the second of four added minutes here and Hangelaand has bundled into Gomis, earning a booking for his efforts due to that body check.
90 + 1'

Fraizer Campbell 

Zaha once again showing his skills as he races down the flank and cuts inside to fire a shot towards the far corner but the incredibly busy Fabianski catches it with ease!

Glenn Murray 

Murray recieves the first booking of the game, which is rather surprising given the number of free kicks and fouls, for a late slide from behind on Gomis. The ensuing free-kick is played right into the hands of Hennessey.

Palace keep the ball for a couple of minutes with smooth passing in the midfield before working it up to the ever trigger-happy Puncheon, who knocks an effort towards the bottom corner that Fabianski saves.
Swansea certainly haven't given up here but they're finding it difficuly to break down the shirts in front of them. Luckily for them, they've earned yet another free kick but it turns out to be awful, with a pass laid off for Gomis intercepted immediately!

Kenji Gorré

Jefferson Montero

Montero comes off for Gorre as Monk sends on yet another youngster, with the former player looking lively in bursts but without much incision into Palace's defence.

The visitors have a free-kick now just outside of the box that Grimes swings in, only to see it cleared immediately for a throw-in.

Fraizer Campbell

Yannick Bolasie

Palace's turn for a corner now, with these last few minutes absolutely full of them, but before they take it, Campbell comes on for Bolasie, who comes off to quite the applause.
Murray and Fernandez tussle on the edge of the Swansea box but the Palace man goes down well after the contact, leaving the referee to let play continue; Swansea clear it, to the crowd's dismay.
The visitors continue to hang onto the ball, with Cork sending it wide to Barrow but the latter's cross is cut out of the box.
Here's a Swansea set piece that's sent to the near post but it's not a stellar one from Montero, who sees it cleared by the closest Palace defender.
Puncheon has gone much of this half without any long range efforts but he's just tried one that draw a solid rise out of Fabianski to pluck it before it could hit the net!
Swansea are doing better as this match enters the latter stages to hang onto the ball but they still really haven't threatened Hennesssey in a way that'll cause him any worries. Monk's men need to change up the forula before time runs out!
ZAHA JUST WIDE OF THE NEAR POST! Once again he shows his pace and trickery to cut in from the left past Naughton and fire a low shot that keep Fabianski rooted to the spot, watching as it sailed mere centimetres wide!

Matt Grimes

Leon Britton

Britton comes off for Grimes, handing the armband over to Fabianski with Monk giving a youngster the chance to get some experience under his belt.
Swansea have the ball right around the halfway line and they're poking it from flank to flank as they look for a way past the sea of multicoloured shirts. It's Zaha who's able to collect it and sends it up to Murray, who Bartley has to bundle over to prevent from making it down the flank!
Montero skids past Ward on the flank and delivers a solid ball into the box that Hangelaand rushes off his line to head clear, begetting another counter for the home men.
Jedinak heads the ball towards net from a corner but Fabianski slides over to pluck it out of the air! Palace look far more likely to add to their tally than Swansea do to remove their deficit.

Jordon Mutch

Marouane Chamakh

Chamakh is able to walk off of the pitch on his own accord, drawing applause from the crowd, with Mutch coming on to replace him just a few moments after Monk took off Dyer for Barrow.

Modou Barrow

Nathan Dyer

Chamakh is down holding his left hamstring under no pressure at all - a worrying sight for Pardew. He's being evaluated and seems almost certain to come off.
Zaha is twisting and turning, doing all he can to try and break into the box on the left; he falls down twice, and twice wins the ball back, but the third time he loses it, it's for good.
Fabianski is back up and looking like he'll be playing on today. He takes a free-kick that makes it's way back to Hennessey, who plays it short to allow his side to build from the back.
And that had to hurt! Fabianski and Zaha collided as both went to go for the ball in the box, with the winger stepping on the goalie's foot. The former Arsenal man is now getting medical treatment on the pitch.

Scott Dann 


Marouane Chamakh 

GOOOAAALLLL FOR THE HOME SIDE! Chamakh has put Palace into the lead following a set piece delivery, where Dann's header across the face of the box found the striker perfectly to settle the ball and lash it home from close range! Pardew's men lead 1-0!!!

Fabianski catches the effort sent his way and Naughton soon has the ball right outside of the Palace box, hoofing a cross towards the centre that's easily cleared.
Dangerous play from the visitors just outside of Pardew's men's box but they just cannot find that cutting edge to register a shot on target. Soon it's the home side that counters, and once again, their quick break earns them a corner.
Souare sends a poor ball into the box following a free-kick, sending it far too deep where none of his teammates are despite having time and space to pick out the ideal zone.
Naughton tries to athletically cut back the ball just outside the box, but it begets a counter that looks like it'll end with a Chamakh shot before the former Arsenal player slips and falls!
From that catch the home side nearly immediately win a corner themselves, countering rapidly. It comes to nothing thogh Montero soon overruns the ball and gifts a throw-in the other way.
The visitors have a corner now, with both centre-backs up to take it. Montero slips as he delivers it but Hennessey drops the ball while collecting it, though he nabs it on his second effort!
Gomis finally gets involved, maneuvering around Puncheon just outside of the box to create space for a shot that takes a bounce and draws a solid save out of Hennessey!
The second half is underway and Fabianski immediately has to collect a ball played into his box.
The visitors, meanwhile, simply have to find a way to get their offensive players more involved, and will probably be content that despite their poor possession, they haven't yet conceded. Join us in 15 for the second half!
And that's the half! It's been a dominant performance from the home side, with their wingers in particular impressive, but they've failed to create truly meaningful chances.
Montero gets the ball in the box and sends a cross in that hits Ward and lands kindly for Henessey. Just the one minute of added time announced by the fourth official.
Murray clears the ball in a no-nonsense manner and Palace continue to pour forward. For all of their dominance, they have little to show for it, with few chances that draw anything other than a routine stop from Fabianski.
Chamakh NEARLY slides onto the end of a loose ball in the box but his first touch knocks it to Fernandez's knee and it goes out for a corner!
Souare goes on the overlap ahead of Bolasie, trying to whip in a cross that goes over the line for a Fabianski goal-kick. This half has been all the home side, with little coming from the visitors' highest four players.
Superb tackle from Hangelaand on Gomis to rob the striker of the ball and get it back to his own goalkeeper, just outside of the box with the striker looking to pounce.
Bolasie takes a wild shot that hits a defender and nearly dips ino the top right corner of the net! There wasn't much Fabianski could have done about that, and out of nearly nothing, Palace win a corner that the goalkeeper collects with ease. He's been busy this half!

Glenn Murray

James McArthur

Bolasie's cross goes past everyone in the box and we have an early change, with McArthur having picked up a knock and coming off for Murray.
Swansea now are defending under heavy pressure from the home side, who have several players forward and continue to try and use Zaha as an outlet. Fernandez wins a free-kick after Chamakh fouls him trying to win the ball, but they lose it almost immediately!
Now neither side is holding onto the ball well, with both teams giving it away after just a few passes each. Palace win a free-kick that they send deep into the box for Fabianski to parry.
The delivery is poor but the visitors manage to keep possession for the first time in quite some time now, though they're not really making any inroads in the box. They're keeping the bulk of the ball near the halfway line.
Free-kick won by Emnes after Puncheon pulled him down roughly five yards outside of the Palace box. This is as good an opportunity as the visitors have had so far this match to get a real effort on target!
Gomis dives into the ball and wins a free-kick from McArthur, to the fury of the home side's player, who believes he was fouled. At any rate, it's given away right from the kick in a very poor delivery from the visitors.
Bartley needs to clear the ball twice in quick succession as Zaha slips into the box past Montero, and the ball soon goes out for another corner. It's cleared but the whistle is only blown in Swansea's favor after a foul from Dann.
Puncheon's corner nearly goes into the net itself, as it flies into a fantastic area, and it bounces around the box before Chamakh receives the pass offside and ends the play.
Magnificent from Britton who twice proves decisive in the box, taking the ball from Zaha and McArthur as he goes to clear it. Palace just can't keep their feet off the ball, forcing Fernandez to concede a corner from a dangerous cross.
The home side's wingers are proving too strong for the visiting full-backs, with Bolasie now cutting inside of Naughton and sending a ferocious shot that Fabianski has to push out for Fernandez to clear!
Zaha once again gets a cross in the box and sends a shot on target, but Richards got his body in the way to take the sting out of it for Fabianski.
The corner is poor and now Palace are building from the back, as Dann sends it to McArthur, who goes wide to Zaha, who wins a throw-in off Richards.
A bit of a risky clearance from the home side, with Hangelaand heading a ball onto Dann that bobbles over the line dangerously for a corner.
For the first time, the visitors look to attack down the left, sending Richards to battle against Ward but failing to make any headway. Nevertheless, they still have the ball, having weathered the early storm from the home side unscathed.
Jedinak takes down Gomis as the latter headed towards the box but the referee judges it to be a fair challenge and play goes on, to the ire of the away fans!
This is better from the visitors, who win the ball deep via Gomis, slot it out wide to Emnes, and try to cross it back to the striker in the box but Hangelaand is there to head it away.
Zaha darts inside Richards to get into the box but Bartley is there to impede his progress, forcing him to go back outside. The crowd got to their feet for a second there though nothing truly came of the moment!
Swansea are defending well at the back but are not seeing much of the ball at all. It's Palace controlling the game and tempo now, keeping Fabianski on his toes.
It's Puncheon again! He finds himself with some space outside of the box and isn't afraid to pull the trigger, this time sending his shot just high of the top right corner.
RICHARDS BLOCKS ON ZAHA IN THE BOX! Bolasie sends a fantastic ball in that hits Fernandez's head and falls kindly for the winger, who takes a touch and a shot that hits Richards, slowing it down enough for Fabianski to gather!
Excellent from Richards who takes the ball off the foot of Ward, but it falls for the home side again and is worked to Jedinak, who takes a shot from outside the box that Fabianski catches right in his midriff.
Bolasie, who has had an incredible campaign, may not have scored at home in some time but his movement is proving to me a bit of a handful. Chamakh concedes a free-kick for a little shove on Cork's back as both rose for a high ball.
Crystal Palace are holding the ball well in the back, keeping it away from Gomis who continues to hunt for a loose ball or the smallest of opportunity to sneak in. The fans are in full voice today!
Ohhhh the ball nearly falls kindly for Puncheon in the box after Zaha missed his effort and Chamakh slipped, but Britton nicks it off his foot and leads his way out of the box.
The visitors kick-off, with Bartley sending the ball up for Dyer before Souare intervenes to head it out for a throw-in. Palace then look to attack down the right as Naughton clears.
We're just moments away from kick-off now! The two teams are on the pitch and rearing to go.
Palace have been surprisingly good in at least one aspect this season: set pieces. No side have scored more than the 23 goals they've managed from those situations, but managed the joint-fewest clean sheets since February.
The head-to-head history between these sides favors the visitors, with Crystal Palace not having beaten Swansea in seven matches, dating back to March 2009. Monk's team have traveled well to Selhurst Park, winning their last three matches there and keeping a clean sheet in each.
Overall, it's difficult to imagine that both teams aren't proud of what they've accomplished this season. Palace have avoided a relegation dogfight with some ease and Swansea have set a new club points record in the Premier League with 56!
Speroni is rested today with his testimonial match coming up this midweek. Pardew otherwise has noted that his side is fully fit, while Garry Monk's men are missing Ki Sung-Yong, Nelson Oliveria, and Jordi Amat amongst other names.
Swansea (4-2-3-1): Fabianski; Naughton, Bartley, Fernandez, Richards; Britton, Cork; Montero, Emnes, Dyer; Gomis.
Crystal Palace (4-3-3): Hennessey, Ward, Dann, Hangeland, Souare; Puncheon, Jedinak, McArthur; Zaha, Chamakh, Bolasie.
The home side lie 12th in the Premier League today but could potentially end in 10th depending on other results and a win. The visitors, meanwhile, are comfortably 8th and will stay there no matter what happens in the league.
Good afternoon and welcome to this afternoon's LIVE commentary as Crystal Palace host Swansea at Selhurst Park on the final day of the Premier League season. There's little to play for for either side today, but both will be keen to end on a win.
C. Palace
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